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Natalia Stahl

For a long time keen on photography and always in love with the Impressionists, I want to convey in the pictures above all the mood and make you have bright, positive and good feelings.


In richly colored canvases you can smell the autumn or hear the sound of rain, look at the flying birds and the crumbling leaves of the trees, notice the movement that is filled all around.


By combining the dynamics of photography with the canvas and the monumentality of the painting, I want to touch the soul of the viewer with something close to him only and to look at your own picture with your eyes.


 Creative Union of Artists. IFA



              •   Spanish Grammar School                                                             1993-2003 

              •   Art School №10 named Boris Kustodiev                                 1993-2001 

              •. St.-Petersburg State University of Cinema                               2003-2008 

                  and television. Faculty of Screen Arts. 

                  Department of Cinematography

             • Media College Denmark                                                                     2004 

Natalia Stahl was born in Leningrad in a family of artists and architects. After art school  Kustodiyeva and the Spanish gymnasium, she entered the St. Petersburg University of Film and Television at the faculty of screen arts. Art education helped her comprehend filming and photography. In the years of study at the university she managed to experiment, combining these types of visual art. After graduation, Natalia gives all her time to the easel or camera. Traveling to different cities and countries, she reflects what she saw in her photographs and artistic canvases.

“Once, at the beginning of the 90s, I was at the Salvador Dali exhibition, at the age of 5-6 years, probably. I still remember how the exhibits were arranged and what impression his works made on me, since then I have been in love with his madness and outrage. Even defended a diploma in Spanish on the subject of his work. I like many areas of painting at the end of the XIX-XX centuries. Perhaps these areas are closest to me. The ease, mood, emotions that artists convey in completely different ways, but so sensually!



Participation in the photo exhibition of the State Center for Photography “Solitude / Happiness” in the framework of the project “Solo. One art. With the support of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Philology. 2006

Personal photo exhibition “Faces”. Center books and graphics. 2007 

Personal photodetector “Water”. Center “Constellation”. With the support of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg. 2008

Personal photo exhibition "The flow of life." The training hall at the Finnish. With the support of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg. 2009

Personal exhibition of paintings "Dreams and Reality". Club MOD. St. Petersburg. 2009

Participation in the exhibition of paintings “Spring Romantissimo”. Nevsky Atrium. St. Petersburg. 2009

Personal photo exhibition “Around us”. Vostok-6.“Ladoga 2012”. With the support of the administration of St. Petersburg.

Personal exhibition of paintings "Unchained perfection." Club MOD. St. Petersburg. 2011

Personal exhibition "Retrogusto". Mansarda. St. Petersburg. 2012

Personal exhibition "Oil". Art Muse. St. Petersburg. 2014

Personal exhibition “Unchained perfection”. ArtEria. St. Petersburg. 2015

Participation in the Exhibition of the Creative Union of IFA. London .2015

Personal exhibition "Retrogusto". Gallery Pu-erh.St. Petersburg. 2016

Personal exhibition "Bon appetite". WineBAR 74. St. Petersburg. 2016

Personal exhibition. Sasha’s bar. St. Petersburg. 2016

Personal exhibition. Personal exhibition "Nostalgia about summer" DV space. St. Petersburg. 2017

Personal exhibition “Unchained perfection DV space. St. Petersburg. 2018

Solo exhibition “Chronicle of history. The legacy of the emperor, dedicated to the 240 anniversary of the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist on Kamenny Island. The Government of St. Petersburg. Petersburg and the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Petersburg. 2018

Personal exhibition "Wind whispers dreams» Restaurant Apartment Kostya Kreuz.

Personal exhibition "Wind whispers dreams." Eco Festival. With the support of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg and the administration of the Krasnogvardeysky district. St. Petersburg. 2018

Participation in the exhibition KZ gallery Paris. 2018

Personal exhibition Les fleurs fleurissant Chili cafe. St. Petersburg. 2019

Regular participation in exhibitions of the Creative Union of Artists with St. Petersburg

Personal exhibition "From West to East". Constantine palace (President's residence) St. Petersburg. 2020/2021

Participation CLASSIC & MODERNITY (Russia-Great Britain-USA) 2020/2021

Natasha Stahl

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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